Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 22- Love is faithful

I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness. Then you will know the Lord. --Hosea 2:20

Today's Dare-

Love is a choice, not a feeling. It is an initiated action, not a knee-jerk reaction. Choose today to be committed to love even if your spouse has lost most of their interest in receiving it. Say to them today in words similar to these, "I love you. Period. I choose to love you even if you don't love me in return."

Why is this kind of love impossible without the love of Christ beating in your heart? How does His presence within you enable you to love, even when it's primarily one-sided?

I've been trying to get around to blogging all day, but it's been a busy one! I like those days, when I don't have a minute to spare, call me crazy!

I wish I had taken a picture of Havie's face when I told him that I loved him even if he doesn't love me in return. He looked confused which quickly gave way to frustration. He thought I was trying to say that I don't think he loves me... (which IS something I've told him before). I had to go on to explain that I just mean that my love isn't contingent on him loving me back. That I love him unconditionally. He still looked at me like "why are you telling me this now?", but he dropped his defenses.

This kind of love has been impossible without Christ in my heart because every time I felt like he "didn't love me", I would then resent him. Any little thing that bothered me added to that resentment. I got to the point that I was so resentful, I felt more like I hated him than loved him. Wow, that is so sad. That was only a few months ago, but it's feel like a lifetime ago.

It's just so different now. I am NOT going to act like everything is perfect and he absolutely says and does things that bother me. Not as much and the main difference is the way that I react. I have just relaxed so much because I'm not so worried about protecting myself. There's a real peace now. We are blessed beyond measure because of His love.

P.S. I know you don't want to know this, but I just have to share... The love life has returned (you know what I mean, *wink*) and I just feel like busting out into song and dance! :)

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