Monday, May 10, 2010

A Lot to Lose

Would you believe me if I said that I think I'm ready to tackle this thing called food/eating/weight?  I wouldn't if I were you...  It seems like I've been down this road too many times, broken too many promises to myself, made progress only to turn around a head back.  It's been quite a battle.  One that I've mostly been losing.

So what makes me so ready now?

In short- because this is the only thing standing in the way of me having a baby.  And I want a baby more than I want anything else in my life.  And I think it's ridiculous that I'm allowing my love of food to keep from something that I will love SO much more!

What is going to be different THIS time?

To be honest, I'm not sure.  For one thing, I will be doing all of the cooking thanks to my husband's new work schedule.  That will allow me to be in control of what's going into the meals and the portion sizes.  For another, I have spiritual motivation and support thanks to the Word of Wisdom.  And finally, there's YOU.  Which means accountability. 

I've been blogging about my weight-loss efforts for several years now and I've always been amazed by the support that my readers give me.  I'm kicking it up a notch now by being a part of several weight-loss blogs.  It's awesome to see how many people are out there trying to achieve what I am.  And many who already have!

So, starting this weekend, I'm kicking off a new series- 100 in 365.  I'm sure you can decipher that my goal will be to lose 100 lbs. in the next year.  I know that sounds like a crazy goal, but at my size, it's actually very realistic.  I plan to weigh in weekly with pictures and measurements.  I will be sharing everything with you- what I'm eating, how I'm doing, and what I'm feeling.  Should make for good reading!

I'm not going to go on some crash or fad diet.  I'm just going to eat less and better, and get some exercise.


  1. I too stuggle with this, my whole life in fact. I feel like I do the same thing to myself. I know you can do it! I am excited for you. Good luck!

  2. I just can't wait to see the babies!! :)



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