Friday, May 7, 2010

I thought happiness was Lubbock, TX in my rearview mirror...

Ahh, Mac Davis...  You sure now how to get a girl right in the heart...

When I was in high school, I couldn't wait to leave my hometown of Lubbock, TX.  I wanted out of there so badly that I even took some night classes to graduate a year early from high school.  I was adamant about heading away from home for college.  As I was making my plans for school in San Marcos, my dad was offered a job in Houston.  At that point, my grandparents begged me to stay and go to Texas Tech.  They made a compelling offer, but I had no desire to stay.  One hot day in July of 1998, we all packed up and left...  and I cried the entire way.

Ever since I've become an adult (especially since I've been married) I've wanted to make my way back to my hometown.  It's where I want to raise a family, lay my head at night, it's where I feel at home.  We keep trying to make it happen, but the move remains elusive.  I guess it just isn't time yet.

I really thought it was going to happen this time, but staying put is really what's best.  Havie is already being prepped for promotions in June.  If he leaves now, he would be starting all over.  I just can't do that to him.  We are going to use the next two years to meet some important personal goals and then we will re-assess.

Wherever we are together, we will be okay because that is truly home.

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  1. I've always heard that you can't go home again, but why is that? I hope that you end up where you want to be, but I hope we get to have you here for a while longer!



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