Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Put it to a Vote

I'm kinda stumped guys and I need your help.  As I shared with you here, as of Sunday I am going to be back on the weight loss wagon.  I'm just not exactly sure what wagon I'm going to be on.

I don't really want to join WW and have to pay $40 a month to follow a plan that I already know how to do on my own.  But I wonder if I will stick to it if I'm not going to the meetings.

To further complicate things, I'm really getting into Clean Eating.  It's basically consuming food in its most natural state-- or as close as possible to it.  It's not a diet really, but more of a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, leading to health, well-being and a lean look. 

I'm wondering if I should possibly combine the WW program and Clean Eating lifestyle to have more structure, or maybe just stick to Clean Eating and control my portion sizes.

Regardless of what I do, I'm pretty well versed on what I should eat (veggies, fruit, lean meats, whole grains, dairy) and what I shouldn't (fried, processed, msg, high fructose corn syrup). 

So it looks like I'm going to need your help.  What do you think I should do?  Vote in the poll on the right hand side of the page.  If you think I should do something else, PLEASE tell me about it in the comments section!


  1. I had a friend in Las Vegas who did ww and she lost so much. I know its a little expensive but if you have the money to spare every month I would do it just because of the fact that when other people hold the person accountable they tend to really stick to it. And I would suggest to do it until you get to a weight that you like this way you have a life style change and not just some fad diet you know?

    Another thing I can suggest is to do without any carbs and the weight would go fast. In the morning jst eat a breafast burrito or some eggs and toast and bacon or something but jst one piece of toast and the rest of the day no other carbs jst meat and veggies. thats what i did and the i lost a lot of weight fast. Its so hard because people dont really realize how much they eat is carbs. Like fruits you cant have any fruits and I hated that! Once I stabelized in my weight I did the same thing jst now I know portion sizes and I still do only one carb a day but instead of in the morning I have one at dinner or something.

    Also I just saw you cant go to the meetings so if that is the case then stick to there core basics and write down everything you eat! that is really important bc instead of other people holding you accountable you would have to hold yourself accountable which I think is more important then what other think about you.

    Sorry I wrote so much just so much to say
    Good luck to you and let me know what I can do to help you out!

  2. I am so on this journey with you. And I know it is not easy. I voted to save your money and eat clean. I think it is stressful to have to plan going to meetings and having to pay every month. But that is just my feeling. So good luck!!!! I can't wait to see your progress :)

  3. I couldn't afford the monthly pass anymore either so I am just using e-tools so that I don't have an excuse not to track. I am also making myself weigh in at the same time on the same day each week. Without tracking, I slack off and cheat. I am 20 lbs down since Jan. 1st and looking to losing 40 more. WW is the only thing I have found that has resulted in a long term weight loss and lifestyle change! I say stick with WW- you know it works!

  4. Good for you to take a critical look at exactly what is going to work for you. My MIL has done WW with GREAT success. She enjoys the support and the group gives her an extra level of accountability. When she hit her goal weight a couple of years ago she was so happy. The best part was as long as she maintains her weight, she can go to the meetings from now on w/o a monthly fee. It really helps her stay on track since there are always times when we feel a little less-determined about the goals we have.

    I say you do what ever gives you the BEST chance of reaching your desired goal. $40 isn't much for the increased health benefits and peace of mind of being your target weight. It will save tons of money in medical cost and untold ways going forward! GO for it!

  5. Hi Brandi,
    I'm not sure if you're only wanting us to vote between the two, but I wanted to tell you about something that I've recently done and it worked great. It is called the HCG diet. My mother-in-law introduced me to it. She is getting a degree in homeopathic and natural medicine. HCG drops are all natural and there is a diet/protocol that if you follow it you will lose weight! I have lost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year. Not all on HCG, but I started later and lost my last 18 pounds with it. You would need to do a lot of research on it before you start (if you're even interested). I've done the research and glad I did it on my own, because even with my mother-in-law telling me everything she knew about it, it was most helpful to have done all the research myself. You can check out to read more about it. You can also order the drops on eBay and they are cheaper than most of the HCG info sites. Don't know if this helps, but it sure helped me! I think I'm going to do it again to lose my last 15 pounds. Look forward to seeing your progress whatever route you choose!!

  6. I'll vote the clean eating route . . . I think it is better to change your lifestyle, than be on a 'diet.'

    I had some friends do P90X---of course they lost a lot of weight & look great, but exercising for an hour six days a week is not sustainable over the rest of your life (not for me anyway). It is better to just change the way you eat & find an exercise routine they works easily with your lifestyle.

    But, I do plan on being on weight watchers when the kids live the nest. :) I just don't want to have to cook.

    It is much easier to exercise if you have a goal to reach. Soooooo,I was just wondering if you want to run a half marathon with me in October? the Harbor Half? They have it as a relay too, so if you want to do half, I'll do half (I like that idea), so that would be about 6.5 miles each. It would be fun---let me know. :)



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