Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 7- Love believes the best

Love believes all things, hopes all things. --1 Corinthians 13:7

Today's Dare:

For Today's dare, get two sheets of paper. On the first one, spend a few minutes writing out positive things about your spouse. Then do the same with negative things on the second sheet. Place both sheets in a secret place for another day. There is a different purpose and plan for each. At some point during the remainder of the day, pick a positive attribute from the first list and thank your spouse for having this characteristic.

Which list was easier to make? What did this reveal about your thoughts? What attribute did you thank your spouse for having?

It took me longer to come up with my positive list than my negative list. However, I was pleasantly surprised that my positive list was quite a bit longer than my negative list. I think this reveals that while I have many positive thoughts about my husband, it is the negatives that are more readily available to me. I didn't have to struggle to remember any of them, but it took me some time to think of all the positive attributes.

I thanked Havie for been such a hard worker. He has a very tough job. It is physically demanding and he really hates it at this point. We are working on getting him back in school, but in the mean time he is doing it because he wants to do what is best for us. I told him that I appreciated his unselfishness.

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