Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As of tomorrow, it will officially be two months since I turned 29 and officially declared my 30-before-30 list. Since then, I also posted this blog about checking some items off the list. Since that was back in December, I thought that it was about time for another update!

Totally Complete:

19. Find a creative outlet- maybe rekindle my love of photography.
Photography is going to have to wait until I can afford the camera I want: Canon EOS Rebel T1i. But that's okay because I've found two new outlets. One is crafting a very specific item and the other is digital scrapbooking/blog design. In fact, they are turning into a business venture! That's all I really want to tell you right now other than more info. is coming VERY soon!

23. Make a new friend.
I've actually made a number of new friends in the last two months. I've never met so many women that I can relate to. However, I am thinking about one person in particular. I don't want to name names because I don't want any hurt feelings, but I knew the night I met this one particular woman that we were destined to be great friends. Has that ever happened to you before? Not me. Now, don't get me wrong. I have some WONDERFUL girlfriends who I really WANTED to be friends with from the moment I met them, but this was different. I actually felt in my heart that we were ALREADY friends. I wanted to give it some time to let the friendship develop before I just declared this mission accomplished, but it truly is!

In Progress:

8. Read 30 books.
I'm really going to have to pick up the pace if I'm going to accomplish this goal. I've only finished Eat Pray Love. I'm in the process of reading The Book of Mormon, Say You're One of Them, and a few others. I also have a list of at least 5 other books I want to read next. Three of those book were written by one of my new friends: Marcia Mickelson. (Had to give her a shout out!)

15. Schedule all of my needed Dr. appointments!!! I am so bad about that!

So far, I have already scheduled and had my yearly well woman checkup. I hadn't been to the gyno in almost 2 years, and I had been off the pill for almost a year. I won't go into any more detail, but suffice to say that was a major one that needed to be taken care of. Just have a few more to take care of before I can check it off the list.

Struggling With:

2. Lose 100 pounds- one of the reasons pregnancy probably won't come until the
end of the year (lol)
You all know it, but it's time for me to come clean about it. I had lost over 14 lbs, but have COMPLETELY fallen off the wagon. I am going to blame part of that on a stressful couple of weeks dealing with some family issues, but I have to be honest that I've just lost my drive. I'm trying to get it back together, but I'm struggling.

10. Follow FlyLady's daily routines.

I got started on the 31-day babysteps and got to like day 7 and that was it. Life changed and I didn't know how to adjust my routine, so I fell off of the program, but I am happy to report that sink has mostly stayed shiny. I'm slowly working towards getting back into the groove of things.

20. Watch no more than 1 hour of television a day. I'm just tired of wasting so
much time.
This one is ridiculous. Truly, ridiculous. Here I am complaining about time and yet, I find myself in front of the dumb tv most evenings. Part of the problem (but only a small part) is that the hubs is ALWAYS watching tv. We live in a small apartment with only one tv, which is in the living room, which is basically the only other room besides our bedroom. But nevertheless, I could remove myself from watching it with him if I wanted to. Most of the time I can't stand what he is watching anyway. I just tend to get zapped into to mindlessly watching the glowing box instead of doing whatever else I need/want to be doing.

So that's where I am in this whole 30-before-30 journey. I'm looking forward to possibly scratching two more items of the list this weekend! Are there any goals you've complete, are in progress, or you're struggling with? Any advice for me? Please, do tell! (I'm thinking about paying you for comments, or at least following me!) :)
Photo is from flickr.


  1. love your blog! Looks great. Love hearing how you're doing!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Brandi. I hope you do well on your goals.

  3. Your blog is beautiful! And, I think a lot of this post shows you and I may be kindred spirits, or at least have a lot in common.

    I'm currently getting into photography with my T1i at my side (or in front of my face?). I'm ALSO a big crafter and have turned two of my favorite crafts into a little bit of side-money.

    I've most definitely experienced the wonderful feeling of meeting someone and feeling like you know them already. It's as though the friend-chemistry is already there.

    I feel like i'm always reading a book (I'm about to finish "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman) and "Eat, Pray, Love" is one of my favorites.

    I love that you've set these goals for yourself, and I'm now thinking that I should do the same! I'm sure documenting it like this is a great way to be accountable and keep focus, so even though you have some struggles, I'm sure you'll do great!



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