Monday, December 21, 2009

2 Down, 28 to Go!

A few weeks ago (ok, so almost a month ago) I shared my 30-before-30 list with the whole world- embarassing #30 and all. (Hey, I'm nothing if not honest, right? ... Right?)

And then I seem to have pretty much fallen off the face of the planet. Ok, so that isn't exactly true. (hmmm, maybe not as honest as I thought.)

The truth is that the last month has been incredible, and I've just been so busy going through it that I haven't stopped to document it. Which really, is kind of a bad idea.

So, this is my attempt today! I have some triumphant news to share with you! I can officially check off two items from my checklist!

But first I must interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this special announcement:

I know what you're thinking! She cheated! She put those two things on the list knowing that she was about to do them! I know how you think. How dare you judge my list lest your list be judged. Um, you have a list, right? Right.

You will have to stand corrected though because this list was started quite a while before my birthday and both items were on there LONG before the trip to Salt Lake City and items #28 and 29 are totally unrelated. Yes, you are right, Mormons do not drink coffee or tea (herbal tea is ok), but no they do not have anything against sodas in moderation.

I on the other hand do have something against them. For a while now, caffeine has made me feel bad. It makes me swell up and my kidneys hurt, so I don't drink it anymore. Ok, so I had two slip ups since my birthday with Coke Zero, but I didn't finish them and they were while I was weening off. I can tell you today that I am officially OVER caffeine. Seriously.

As for #29, we are officially members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The baptism and confirmation were amazing ceremonies, and I cried many tears of joy. I feel so incredibly blessed. I also received a very specific message about what God wants from me which is very exciting. I don't think I could effectively describe what has happened without diminishing it, so I'll just leave it at that.

As for all of the other goals, I'm getting back on track and making a plan of action. Those details are soon to come!

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