Wednesday, December 2, 2009


If you haven't read my birthday blog yet, you can check it out here. As you can see #10 on my list was to follow FlyLady's daily routines. So, in an effort to meet that goal, I am started today with her 31 day Beginner BabySteps. It works out perfectly to finish out 2009 and be ready to Rock out 2010! I thought I'd share my progress with you!

Day 1: Go Shine Your Sink

"Your very first BabyStep is to go shine your sink. Dont listen to those voices that tell you that its not going to help your messy house. This is exactly where I started and this little habit has changed my life! Take this BabyStep in faith and go do it. Here are the directions for shining your kitchen sink."
So, what's in a Shiny Sink?

Here are FlyLady's full Shiny Sink Instructions, or you can just read my run-down!

These are all the products I used to shine my sink.

1. Fill the sink with hot water and 1C. of bleach and let it sit for a while to disinfect.

2. Rinse the sink thoroughly and use Ajax, Comet, etc. with scrubby sponge to scrub every inch of the sink to get rid of stains and bits. I also use the toothbrush at this time around cracks and crevaces.

3. Again, I rinse well, and then because I have an old Stainless Steel sink, I pull out a S.O.S. pad and buff the sink. It is necessary for me to get any shine at all out of it.

4. Finally, after I've finished it really well again, I dry it and then pull out the windex to put that final shine on the sink.

5. Lay out a clean towel to dry the sink with tomorrow.

It didn't take long (once the dishes were loaded), and it's not like you have to do all of these steps every day. It really put a smile on my face this morning to walk in to a CLEAN kitchen to make breakfast. The great thing is that once the sink is shined, all you have to do is keep a towel by the sink to dry it out all day and your sink always looks great. Plus it completely motivated me to get the dishes taken care of after breakfast.

I'm sorry I forgot to take a before picture, but here are my after shots for your viewing pleasure!

For a crappy little apartment sink, I think it looks pretty good! Don't you think? So, do you think you'll try to shine your sink?

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