Saturday, December 5, 2009

Write it Down

Today was an easy day! Not just because my FlyLady babystep was easy, but because it is already becoming easier to follow the steps that have been laid out so far. I know it may seem so simple to others, but for me, it's always been a struggle. This is exactly the kind of structure and love guidance that I've always needed. And I know I'm not alone because thousands of people are following this program too! Maybe it will help you too.

Day 4: Write These Things Down

So far we are;

- Getting Dressed to lace up shoes
- Keeping our sink shining
- Going to Big Tent and reading messages

Your next thing is to write these things down on a sticky note and post them on your bathroom mirror and above your kitchen sink. This is the beginning of your Control Journal. The little notes help us to remember the habits we are trying to establish.

I don't really need a reminder to check BigTent because I have it set up that everything is emailed to me and I make it a point to read the emails as they come. Sometimes if I don't have time, I go ahead and delete some of them. I do this because FlyLady says it is ok. I can pick them back up where I left off!

So, here's some pics of my sticky note reminders:
One in the kitchen

And one in the bathroom

And that's me in my bathrobe... ;) I guess you got more than you bargained for! LOL

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