Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do you Hear What I Hear?

I was exhausted yesterday afternoon for some reason, and wound up taking a SUPER long nap. I woke up in a panic later than evening because I almost slept through the night without shining the sink/doing a bunch of other stuff I needed to do, but I walked into the kitchen and what did I see?

Well, a shiny sink! The hubs so sweetly decided to take it upon himself to do it since I was resting. Truly Awww inducing. I didn't even know he had noticed anything different was going on other than me asking him to keep his dishes loaded throughout the day and to dry out the sink when he was done. FlyLady said that it would rub off on the other people in our homes, and she was RIGHT! And now for yesterday's babystep-

Day 5- Write Down What You Hear

- Getting Dressed to lace up shoes
- Keeping our sink shining
- Going to Big Tent and reading messages
- Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom

Are you hearing any of those nagging negative voices popping into your head? I want you to take a piece of paper and write down what you hear then I want you to turn those ugly words around and say something nice to yourself to negate the ugly words that they said.

So, since I was actually looking for it, it was amazing how often I had those negative voices going on. I had every reason to be proud of myself yesterday. First of all, I showered Friday night and dried my hair which was an accomplishment in itself because I'm ALWAYS procrastinating eventhough I prefer to do it this way. My hair is easier to style the next day and I sleep better.

I got up early, for a Saturday, and had time to do my entire sticky-note list including make-up! I even had my hair completely down and it looked great! I should have had the hubs snap a shot, but I was running a tight schedule at that point and had to run out the door to be on time to the pageant. And that's where the negative thoughts began.

I ended up being a judge because no one else came through for my boss. I was super scared. I thought that I was totally unqualified for the job and my insecurities started up. As we were walking out to conduct the interviews, I caught the eyes of one of the Women contestants and her mother. They gave me a funny look and I immediately thought the worst. "They probably think that I'm too fat. How am I going to judge them?" Ay yay yay...

As we were walking I said to myself, "Brandi. Stop that. You look very put together and professional today. They are probably just nervous and wondering what you're thinking. Hold your head up high and be confident." And you know what? It actually worked!

So, fast forward a few hours after I woke up from the nap, and they started up again, but this time it was about the house. I got a reaming from my mind for sleeping all afternoon when I could have been getting everything on my list done. "Once again, here I am procrastinating when I know there's a bazillion things that need to be done."

This one was harder to squash, but I told myself over and over that I've made alot of progress in just five days and that while the house isn't spic and span, it is pretty clean. Most of the laundry is done, and everything else can wait. It will be ok. I don't have to be perfect overnight as long as I keep trying and moving in the right direction. Eventually, it worked and I was able to just go back to bed.

Keep your eyes out for another blog tonight as I have a very special announcement to make!!!

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