Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

On our Wedding Night. Doesn't he look happy?

Today is my husband's 29th birthday!!! And he's starting a new job today!!! He is not longer Xavier, or Havie, or the hubs... He is officially-

C.O. Ledesma

He is a correctional officer with the county sherriff's office. And boy does he look hot in his uniform. Seriously never knew I was a uniform kinda gal before, but owwww! And he was issued his own pair of handcuffs! :)

Anyway, I digress...

My husband is the kinda guy that likes to work. He derives alot of his self-esteem from his ability to provide for us. He prides himself on being good at what he does- always striving the be his best. So, the last two months haven't been so happy for him.

I love to see that man smile. That's how he won me over if you don't know that already. He flashed a bright smile at me and I was sold.

It's so good to see him happy again. I'd let him sell peanuts for $1 a day if it made him this happy.

P.S. Thank you for the comments on my last post! I got some great advice, and I'm going to be posting another blog soon with my game plan! So, stay tuned!

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