Friday, August 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

For Dark Times- "When it is dark enough, men see stars." Ralph Waldo Emerson

For in-between times- boy do the suck, but they are necessary. :)

For having someone to process this with. You've always been there with open arms and I am once again blessed to have you to guide me through this time.

For so many friends and family members who are truly concerned. I am overwhelmed by your support and attention.

For baby steps. One at a time, day by day. I can handle anything one step at a time.

For this crisis. It brought about a determination, motivation, mission to do what I really should have been doing all along- taking care of myself and loving myself.

For him. Yes, for him. Eventhough, Still, Always

For adrenaline rushes that make me feel like I'm on top of the world. If I'd have known you felt so good, I woulda coulda shoulda...

For being conscious of a need for boundaries and signs that I'm losing my resolve

For you making a decision knowing that it would show me what I needed to see... Putting me before work. It's a first and I see it and I know what it means.

For finding help for others like me, knowing that I'm not alone and that there's hope yet.

For music that speaks to the very depths of my soul and pulls me to stand and sing

For all the gifts God has given me. I didn't deserve them, but He loved me anyway and gave them to me.

For forgiveness.

and finally,

For the fact that this is my longest thankful list ever, on a week when some might think I'd have nothing to be grateful for.


  1. i am in love with this list...(and the picture...nice). being grateful in the face of it all is a skill so few have mastered...being grateful for him eventhough, still always...that's real love and i know what that means.
    great, long list love.

  2. ditto what brandy said...and hugs



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