Monday, August 3, 2009

Marriage Monday- It ain't all peaches and cream...

Now, that was an interested google image search... LOL
But seriously folks... it's the truth. I've always been one of those people who felt like they had to remind themselves that even when things are good- there's always another tough time around the corner... I think I've just seen so much disappointment in my days that I feel the need to protect myself from getting my hopes up.
But if I have learned anything in the last month- it's that tough times don't have to be BAD times.
Life has thrown us some curves and while we are dodging bullets- somehow we've managed to stay a team. FOR.THE.FIRST.TIME.EVER.
I know that we haven't been perfect- we never will because we are human beings. We've each individually had our moments, but that's all it has amounted to... a moment. It's an eye-opening experience for me. I honestly think that I've told myself all this time that fighting was inevitable. That we couldn't make it through tough times without fighting. I think I've justified it.
And without even trying, we have been making it through a very stressful few weeks without conflict. I know that if we managed this without trying, that it could me that we aren't just destined to fight with one another.
On our trip to Lubbock, we had probably the most frank and open conversation of our entire relationship. I came to understand my husband more than I ever had before... maybe it was the shift that has made the difference.
I'm not saying that we won't ever fight again, but maybe we won't... Maybe, just maybe, I can let myself believe.

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