Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Winning Wednesday- Today is the Day

This blog contains pictures that are incredibly embarrassing and potentially disgusting. Proceed with caution.


Today's Weight: 317.6 lbs.
Measurements: TBD (Couldn't find my little measuring tape)
BMI: 51.3 (Obese)

This time last year I had lost over 20 pounds with WW, Wii Fit and swimming all summer. I was feeling amazing! Then the school year started, my stress level went to an all time high, and I threw it all to the wayside. In January, I was proud that I had only gained back 5 pounds and was determined to turn it around again. We joined a gym, restarted our diet, and were doing great until school kicked back into stress mode for me. (Are you sensing a pattern?)

My first goals are:

1. Lose 20 lbs. to get under 300

2. Find a better way to deal with stress

I am going to start WW again this weekend. I just need the structure to keep me on track. I have joined a WW support group on Facebook- Chunky Monkeys NO More! It's made up of some girls from back home and they have already been very inspiring and positive.

I also have a workout buddy lined up! Thank you Michelle! I am really looking forward to being active again. I really do have more energy and feel better when I'm exercising.

I am so excited!


  1. you are an inspiration!!!!!!!! super proud for you and thankful that we are in it together!!!

  2. I am sooooooo very proud of you girl! Thank you again for sharing your heart and for being so humble and inspirational yourself! YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS! I have faith that you can! A positive attitude can truly go a LONG way! I completely understand the stress of school, so we can manage this together!!!!



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