Friday, August 21, 2009

Five Years!

Five years ago, today, I met my husband. It was an instant connection, eventhough I love to tell the hilarious story about his fear to ask me on a real date. I'll save that for another time...

That first year of dating, was spent mostly long distance, which is interesting because here we are in that same situation once again. I had only been dating him a short period when he had a job offer to return to Beaufort, SC. There was no way I was going to hold him back from what he had already expressed as his "dream job". So, nine months came and went... We only got to see each other once during that time which is when that picture was taken.

It was hard. We barely knew each other. We talked for hours and hours and we broke up. Correction, I broke up with him. Several times. I was scared and feeling like what was I doing, falling in love with someone who was so far away. There was no indication he would come back. But he did. Our first time to see each other was exactly one year after we met.

Once we were back in the same town, everything seemed to fast forward. We were so in love. Living together by the end of September... Engaged by the first of November... and then married a year later.

We've had our ups and downs during marriage, but as we close in on our 3rd Anniversary, I'd like to report that we are closer, more in love, and more solid than we even realized were possible. I'd venture to say that neither one of us knew what unconditional love was when we married, but the last year helped us learn that lesson. I know that my entire view of marriage has changed and I am so much more grateful for what I have.

At one point, I didn't think we would make it, but now I know we will.

We have gotten a lot of flack for our most recent decision. I've been honestly shocked by the judgment that has come our way. I will not understand why some think it is their place to determine the validity of our choices, but I really don't need to understand it. I really don't need to even worry about it. I am reminded of the love dare... we are our own unit and must make the choices that are best for us- disregarding the influence of others outside of our marriage. It simply isn't anyone else's business.

So, I'm not going to be sad that this occasion will be spent alone. In two weeks, I will be meeting my husband in Denver, Colorado! I bought my tickets and reserved a hotel room today! I haven't been further West than Ruidoso, NM or that far North before! I am stoked! Check out our funky hotel!

Since we will be staying downtown, we will be right smack dab in the middle of the Taste of Colorado festival. We will also be visiting the Denver Art Museum. ALL FOR FREE! I can't wait!

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