Monday, July 27, 2009

Rolling Out The New Lineup!

First of all, you have to check THIS out... You can pick any color and it find Flickr photos that match... You can even pick multiple colors... I LOVE technology!

So with The Love Dare over and done with- I am super excited to announce my new blog lineup! Check it out-

Marriage Mondays-
I am going to continue doing The Love Dare and reporting updates every Monday.

Random Tuesdays- pretty much speaks for itself.

Winning Wednesdays- I am starting a new initiative to get healthy which will include losing some weight, but I am putting a positive spin on it and calling it Winning!

Thankful Thursday- This will be my weekly gratitude list...

Freedom Fridays- Commence operation organization! I am focusing on getting some order in our lives! I will be sharing our changes and progress!

I will be taking the weekends off unless I have some burning desire! I hope that you will continue to read!

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