Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Tuesday- My husband, the poet

I googled my husband's name yesterday and after some scrolling, I came across some of his poetry. I had completely forgotten that he has about 6 poems that he's written for me on Poetry.com. Most of them are from when we were dating and they were a much needed reminder of how sweet he can be. So, here's one from the dating days- Oh and you can check out more of his work HERE (if you're interested).


With a beauty that rivals the greatest of paintings
To feel your love is worth all the waiting
To have and to hold with a kiss and touch
Have you ever thought that someone would love you this much
With a caressing touch that makes my heart melt
I want you to feel the love I have felt
I look into your soft green eyes
Thanking the angels that you are mine.. all mine
So with a kiss I bid you goodnight
I know now that a love like this is so right
So sleep with the comfort of loving arms around you
And wake up knowing I am glad to have found you
Xavier Ledesma

1 comment:

  1. ahh sookie sookie now...you know i really like this...good job...he needs to write more :)



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