Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 35- Love is accountable

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. --Proverbs 15:22 NIV

Today's Dare-

Find a marriage mentor-- someone who is a strong Christian and who will be honest and loving with you. If you feel that counseling is needed, then take the first step to set up an appointment. During this process, ask God to direct your decisions and discernment.

Who did you choose? Why did you select this person? What do you hope to learn from them?

Wow, it's taken me a while to complete this dare... Not so much because of the dare itself, but because life happened. I could have haphazardly finished up the dare, but I truly wanted to be intentional and focused. So, I waited until I could give it my all. I can't believe I'm almost done!

The chapter illustrated the need for support outside of the marriage with a great analogy. It talked about how might sequoia trees can withstand lightning, wind and forest fires because unlike many trees, they interlock their roots with other sequoia trees around them.

I know that this is of special importance to me because I don't like to open up to more than a select few. I know that seems strange because I have opened up a bunch in this blog, but it feels like I'm talking to myself when I'm writing. I am very introverted and tend to isolate when I need to reach out the most.

I knew that I needed to pick someone that I was already comfortable with in order to make sure that I could actually open up. It was pretty easy for me to determine that my marriage mentor should be a good friend of mine, Brandy. I knew that she would be completely and lovingly honest with me. I don't want anyone to get their feelings hurt because I didn't ask them. I thought about everyone, I promise, but God told me this was the person who had helped lay the way for my first spiritual awakening, and she was the right person for the job.

I hope that I am going to learn the truth from her, and I know that if anyone can do it- she will.

Counseling may be the next step, but not necessarily for us as a couple to begin with. We were in marriage counseling a few years ago, but it wasn't very successful because we both have so much to deal with personally. I am waiting for my new insurance to get settled before I jump into anything.

As I'm closing up this blog, I want to take the time to thank my friends. You know who you are and you are truly precious to me. The few people that are close to me, are amazing. I love the fact that no matter where life has taken us or how much time has passed, we can always pick right up. You mean the world to me even if I don't manage to show it like I should/want to. I love you and I thank you!

(I just realized that eventhough I completed day 34 a long time ago, somehow I never posted the blog! So, stay tuned!)

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  1. i am glad that you chose me...if for no other reason than that i know you--and i know when you need to be more open, my little introvert :) and you know that if there's anything you can count on, it's my honesty--i'm here for you and i believe in you and your marriage. love ya!



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