Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 34- Love celebrates godliness

[Love] does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. --1 Corinthians 13:6

Today's Dare:

Find a specific, recent example when your spouse demonstrated Christian character in a noticeable way. Verbally commend them for this at some point today.

What example did you choose to recognize? How many other ways could you celebrate their growth in godliness? How could you encourage them to persevere in it?

I actually completed this dare back in May. I'm not sure how I managed to think that I had posted this blog without ever actually posting it... LOL

My husband is one of the most giving people that I know. He is very generous, almost to a fault at times. Even when he has nothing to give monetarily, he is the guy that you can rely on. He is constantly pulling over to help people on the side of the road. He gives rides, helps people find work, and is just an all around go-to guy. I absolutely love this about him. I have to admit that I've been protective when I feel someone is taking advantage of him, but I've learned to let him do what he feels is right.

I am always proud of him, but I realized that I had never actually told him. I had never told him that I admired his Christian characteristic of giving. It didn't take me long to have the opportunity to praise him. On his way home that day, he helped a lady and her teenage daughter take care of a blow-out. When they offered him cash, he refused. And he does stuff like this all the time...

So, I told him that I was so proud of him. I told him that I thought it was an amazingly Christian characteristic and that I've always been proud of him. I told him that I was sorry I had never told him so before. He talked about how it was important to him to help people who truly needed it and that he sometimes didn't think helping certain people was the right thing to do if he knew or could tell that they weren't doing the right thing. I could tell that he was touched.

I think the praise alone will be enough for him to persevere... He has persevered all this time without it, but I know it makes him feel good to be recognized. I am going to do a better job of praising him when I see him doing something good. I know that I would like the same!

If you have any ideas, I am open to suggestions!

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  1. i love this one brandi...i think it's so important to acknowledge OUT LOUD the things about your spouse that you admire or are proud's so easy, particularly after a while, to assume that they just know how you feel--but there is nothing like communicating feelings of pride and admiration...i fully believe in that. nice!



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