Friday, May 8, 2009


I just don't know how else to title this blog... The past few days have been a whirlwind and rollercoaster that have exhausted me emotionally, but blessed us immensely.

On Wednesday, I blogged about love making sacrifices. I put myself full force into the sacrifices I chose to make. I listed several items on Craigs List, put them up on Facebook, and was shocked that we got immediate responses!

Wednesday morning, Havie went to work and by 8 am, he had quit. When Havie couldn't find a harness that he wasn't even responsible for, his boss asked him, "Are you stupid or just lazy?" That was the last straw for him. He said that he only did it because I had told him that it was okay.

By Wednesday evening, we had made a little over $1,000 and Havie had a promising job prospect... in Louisiana. It was going to be a 4-5 month job doing new construction on one of the biggest refineries in the country. We already knew that there was no work here in Corpus Christi because Havie had been looking for months. Havie was really excited because the job was going to pay him $5.50 more per hour, plus 20-30 hours of overtime each week, and they are paying an additional $420/week in living expenses. He was also excited because it is going to be challenging and rewarding experience.

It took me a little bit to get excited, but we started figuring out that if we followed through with lowering our expenses and were very frugal over the next few months, we could pay off all of our debts (except for student loans) and save enough for Havie to go to school without going into debt! I felt like this was another sacrifice that I could make for my husband.

Thursday rolls around and Havie gets the job! Then it hits us, we need a 2nd car! We knew one of our friends was planning to sell their '97 Ford Taurus for $1,000. Lucky us, we just made $1,000 bucks! So, Havie calls our friends up and they proceed to tell us that they felt God was leading them to GIVE us the car. Despite our protests, they assured us that this is what they wanted to do, but were waiting until the time was right. Our heads are spinning, trying to figure out how to accept such a gift. Why us? Surely we aren't deserving...

Within two hours, we had our answer when our Suburban broke down. It had been acting up for a few days, but we just thought it was the alternator going out. We had it towed to a local shop when it couldn't be jumped. Turns out the fuel pump had gone out and caused some other problem. I bet you won't guess about how much it's going to cost to fix it! :)

Are you following all of this with me?!? God is too good. Havie could have been in the middle of nowhere when this happened. This all could have happened so differently. I am just amazed and grateful.

The night ended with us rushing to the ER because Havie's dad was having chest pains. He was really sick and dehydrated. They kept him overnight, but it looks like he's going to be okay.

By the end of the day today, we will have two operational vehicles. Sunday morning, Havie will be leaving for Louisiana. This might pose a question about The Love Dare, but don't fret, I will continue to do it long distance! Lots of people do it, especially in the military! I have faith that it will all be okay because it is God's Will.

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  1. absolutely amazing Brandi!!! Wow, wow, wow! This post brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful story! I pray that it all works out just perfectly for y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!




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