Friday, June 4, 2010


I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like I'm in some kind of slump.  I wasn't feeling well yesterday and I think it threw me off.  I'm no where near on plan today and well, just not feeling particularly motivated.  NOT a good way to start the weekend!

So, I decided maybe I needed a little reminder about why I'm going to so much trouble to begin with.

This is actually my neice.  I imagine our children will look something like her.  She belongs to my husband's brother and his wife.  Gabby looks alot like my deceased mother-in-law.

The thought of holding a sweet little chunk like her is just what I needed.


  1. She's so precious! Mine is kinda similar ... but it's MY little one's little ones I want to hold. My mom passed away due to her own obesity 3 summers before he was born so she never got to be "Gramma." I know that he still knows her on some level ... but she never got to physically hold and cuddle and comfort him. If he ever has children I want to watch them grow up, too!

  2. Awww...she is so sweet!

    You are definitely not the only one in a slump. I have been struggling for the past week and a half. Eating more than I should and sitting still most of the time. ENOUGH...we are getting back on track together! Let's do this! :)

  3. Ain't that the best motivation! I have a son, but he's 9 years old, and he's mine and my ex's. I desperately, sincerely, need a baby girl - but my husband and I have agreed to not actively try until I am healthier. I had gestational diabetes with my son, and had an emergency c-section, and I won't go through that again. Anyway, that's a beautiful picture!!! Definitely a reason to lose weight!

  4. I have three kids who would love to spend some time with Auntie Brandy . . . wait, that might reverse any motivation you had . . . j/k :)

  5. You can do this!!! Fight the temptation - you are stronger than food!!!



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