Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

"By The Sea"
* For imperfections.

I love the fact that hand made items are back in style. With the emergence of websites like Etsy and the blog realm, it is becoming easier and easier to find quality handmade and even custom made items.

Handmade items are naturally flawed in a way that make them charming, unique, irreplaceable, and eventually more valuable. They are special.

Lets say for example a woven tapestry. If it is made by hand it is going to have many flaws. It may not be as intricate. You could purchase one made by a computer and it is going to be perfect, but it will also be boring. Safe, mundane, replaceable- unvaluable. Not special at all. It may still be aesthetically pleasing, but it won't mean anything to the owner.

If I look at my life as a tapestry, with each run a portion of my life, it will undoubtedly be affected by the incidents in my life. These incidents could create a ripple within my tapestry that takes time and hard work to over come, but they can be smoothed, however that flaw will always be a part of my fabric. That imperfection is what makes me valuable, interesting, charming, and loveable.

I have bumps, lumps, and sometimes my threads have been snipped. I will never be perfect, but my tapestry (a work in progress) is beautiful.


  1. ohhh i love this i! it's one of my favorites...and you ARE so loveable...and so right...we are all just one handcrafted item complete with flaws and uniqueness.

  2. oh brandi this is so good...perfect with all our imperfections. thank you for the reminder



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