Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gaining Ground

This scale is hilarious! So, am I a duck today or a buffalo?
I had successfully avoided weighing in two weeks in a row, but I bit the bullet last night and went to my WW meeting. I was absolutely expecting to gain weight- lots of it in fact. As I previously reported, the last three weeks have been totally off the grid. I got back on the wagon just this Sunday, but the past 3 days must have done some good because last night, when I stepped on the scale...
Are you ready for this?
I had only gained .6 lbs!!! I wish I hadn't gained at all, but it could have been MUCH worse! It only reinforces my determination. Imagine how much weight could be off by now if I had been on track!
Today is going to be tricky. We are celebrating at my office and lunch is being provided and dessert too... I'm planning to stick to my lean cuisine and have some pudding! Wish me luck! Die evil lunch, die!

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